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The Insider's Guide to Investing Resources

The resources that I use every week to generate monthly cashflow from the market.

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    “I consider it very helpful in improving my ability to be more financially informed.”

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    Marcia, A

    Review of one of the resource included in this guide

    What you get:

    • The charting tool you can use for free
    • Websites (Free & Paid) for your stock research
    • Brokerages you can use to start your investment journey
    • Websites to read the pulse of the market
    • Youtube Channels and Podcasts I follow to keep myself informed

    What is it all about?

    Over the past 5 years:

    • I have spent more than US$10,000 on investment courses
    • Read countless investment and personal finance related books
    • Done more than 1,000 option trades

    This insider's guide cuts through the clutter and only provides you with resources that works. I dare to say that using this resource will cut down your learning curve by at least 5 years. I hope you find it useful since they are the websites that I visit on a weekly basis for my investment.